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Use of the Travelinsure.ca Website is subject to theTravelinsure.ca Term and Conditions


You acknowledge and agree that:

(1) You are solely responsible for the accuracy of any Activities you conduct on the Travelinsure.ca Website

(2) Travelinsure.ca may process or act on any Activities from any person who has properly logged into the Travelinsure.ca Website using correct Login Information, and Travelinsure.ca will not incur any liability by reason of acting or failing to act in such respect

(3) In certain circumstances Travelinsure.ca may request additional confirmation of any Activities before execution of the same


We may at any time, without notice, restrict or cancel your access to the Travelinsure.ca Website if we reasonably feel that you are conducting improper or illegal activities on the Travelinsure.ca Website.


The features and functionality made available on the Travelinsure.ca Website is provided “AS IS” with all faults. Travelinsure.ca expressly disclaims any liability for losses or damages, whether direct, indirect, specific or consequential incurred by you and whether by contract, negligence or otherwise. In consideration for Travelinsure.ca providing you access to the Travelinsure.ca Website, you shall release Travelinsure.ca and all its wholly owned subsidiaries and their respective directors, officers, employees and agents from all claims and proceedings for such losses, damages or consequences.


Use of the Travelinsure.ca Website is subject to the Travelinsure.ca Privacy Policy.


The Travelinsure.ca Website is not a secure medium for email communications. Any confidential, proprietary or sensitive information transmitted by means of the Travelinsure.ca Website through email may be read and/or copied by unauthorized persons.

You are responsible ,at your own expense, to obtain and maintain all necessary equipment, software and communication links as required in order to access the Travelinsure.ca Website.

When using the Travelinsure.ca Website, it is your responsibility to take reasonable precautions to scan forcomputer viruses and other items of a destructive nature. You should ensure to have a complete and current backup of the information on your computer systemprior to using the Travelinsure.ca Website.

You acknowledge that you are also subject to all other agreements entered into with Travelinsure.ca and any of its wholly owned subsidiaries.When the Customer purchases insurance on the Travelinsure.ca website,the Customer is the only one responsible for choosing the trip insurance whose presentation and description belong exclusively to the Suppliers.

Travelinsure.ca shall not be held responsible for the accuracy of the information supplied by the Suppliers. If the Customer wishes to be given advice regarding his or her choice, he or she may contact Travelinsure.ca by phone at 1-855-933-7462. Travelinsure.ca will then answer any questions Customers may have and assist with any specific travel insurance concerns brought to our attention.

However, the Customer is responsible to ensure that he or she has taken all necessary steps to ensure the information provided for travel insurance application(s) for any individual Customer. The Customer may find the information on the Travelinsure.ca website pages useful, but these may not deal with any particular requirements of the individual Customer or the travel destination:

Travelinsure.ca and its affiliates, agents, representatives and employees assume no responsibility and shall not be liable for any loss or damages, to person or property, howsoever caused except as a result of the negligence of Travelinsure.ca and its affiliates, agents or employees in performing its obligations as travel insurance agent.

Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, Travelinsure.ca and its affiliates, agents, employees and representatives assume no responsibility and shall not be liable for any loss or damages arising from:

  • Insufficient or unacceptable passport, visa and other travel documentation;
  • Denial of entry or the detention or delay caused by any governmental authority;
  • Customer`s failure to observe and comply with all rules, regulations and requirements of Suppliers, including without limitation those relating to smoking; Customer`s or Suppliers` failure to comply with or changes to any government law or regulation;
  • Customer`s failure to provide accurate personal information or correct travel requirements at time of booking the insurance (eg. Name as it appears on travel documents, correct travel dates, etc.)
  • Weather, fires, quarantines or other public health advisories, or other natural or national disasters;
  • Strikes, lock-outs or bankruptcies relating to or disrupting the product or service delivery of any Supplier;
  • Wars, riots, safety advisories or other civil unrest; Any other cause whatsoever beyond the reasonable control of Travelinsure.ca.


All prices, rates and premiums are in Canadian currency, unless otherwise expressly stated, andare in effect at the time of publication only and are subject to change without notice. Travelinsure.ca reserves the right to change any price, rate or premium without notice at any time prior to date of travel, stay, attendance or use, as the case may be, due to changes in currency exchange rates, applicable tariffs, taxes, or surcharges which may be imposed by the Suppliers.

Unless otherwise expressly stated, all prices, rates and fares exclude all applicable salestaxes, and any other taxes or surcharges which may be imposed by the Suppliers. Upon the request of Travelinsure.ca, all customers agree to provide a duly signed credit card authorization for any credit card purchase(s).

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