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See also: Super Visa Insurance , and Super Visa Eligibility for additional information. If you are visiting Canada as part of the International Experience Canada Program (formerly Youth Mobility Program), please go here.

DOES TRAVELINSURE.CA’S SUPER VISA INSURANCE COVER ALL THE REQUIREMENTS TO APPLY FOR THE SUPER VISA? Yes, we only sell policies that meet the government's requirements.There are three requirements.

1. It has to be from a Canadian insurance company.

2. It has to be at least $100 000 of coverage.

3. It has to be 365 days.

WHAT DOES SUPER VISA INSURANCE COVER? The Insurance covers EMERGENCY medical expenses - these can be thought of as anything that is unexpected and requires treatment. It can be at a walk-in clinic, family doctor, or hospital. If you visit, for any reason, does not require treatment (like a check up, eye exam, teeth cleaning) it will not be covered. If you are ever unsure, call the claims department, before seeking medical attention.

Here are some examples: medical appliances (wheelchair, braces, crutches), diagnostic services (x-rays, laboratory testing), prescription medication (limited to a 30 day supply), private nursing, ambulance transportation, professional services, expenses related to death, bedside companion, return of dependent children, dental accidents, meals and accommodation, and more. All of these have specific conditions, limitations, and exclusions. For more details please contact or refer to the policy wording.

HOW DO I KNOW WHAT DATE TO USE FOR MY EFFECTIVE DATE (DATE TO START THE INSURANCE)? Because you need the Super Visa Insurance to apply for the PG-1 Super Visa we advise giving yourself at least three months. You need the effective date to be the same date your loved one enters the country so if the effective date is coming but you still don`t have a visa or flight DO NOT let the policy come into force. When changing the effective date, you must contact us at least ten days before the effective date. If the effective date comes, it is more difficult to make changes so be sure to contact us ahead of time.

HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO PROCESS THE POLICY? Once you have decided which insurance you would like, the application needs to be filled out (can also be done, with staff, over the phone). It will take about 10 minutes to complete and once your payment is processed, we email the documents directly to you within minutes. The information required to do the process is: Birthday, Effective date, Medical history, Prescription drugs, Medical conditions, Deductible, First/Last name (has to match the passport), your Canadian address/phone number/email, and payment (Visa, Master Card, or American Express).

ARE THERE PAYMENT OPTIONS? Most policies require a single annual premium, paid in advance. We have options for Monthly Payment Plans upon request.

WHAT IS A DEDUCTIBLE? DO YOU OFFER THEM? A deductible is the amount that must be paid, out of your pocket, for each claim made on the insurance. If you have a $0 deductible and make a claim, the insurance company will pay the whole amount (YOUR RESPONSIBILITY IS $0.00). If you have a $1000 deductible, and the claim amount is $3000, you would pay $1000 and the insurer would pay $2000. The deductible options range from $0-$25,000. You can use a deductible to save on your total premium, varying in the range of 5-40%.

HOW DO I PROVE THAT I HAVE SUPER VISA MEDICAL INSURANCE? When you purchase from we send you confirmation in a format acceptable to the CIC. Simply attach it to your application.

WHAT IS A PRE-EXISTING CONDITION? AND DO YOU COVER THEM? A pre-existing condition is any medical condition that occurrs before the Effective date of the policy. You can choose whether or not you would like to insure the condition. We have plans that cover pre-existing conditions as long as they are stable (no change in medication or diagnosis, no pending tests, no change in the condition in the last four months). We also offer plans that do not cover these conditions. Generally, these plans are less expensive. But be aware, if you make a claim related to an uninsured pre-existing condition, it will be denied and the expense will have to be paid by you.

WHAT IF THE SUPER VISA APPLICATION IS DENIED? We provide a full refund (some carriers charge a small administration fee).This is done by sending the rejection letter from the CIC and emailing it to us.

WHAT IF I DECIDE NOT TO COME TO CANADA OR CANCEL THE INSURANCE? We provide a refund less an administration fee, varying in the range of 0-$250 (charged by the insurer). This must be done before the efeective date.

WHAT IF I DON’T STAY FOR A FULL YEAR? As long as there are no pending claims, and a balance owing of more than $25, we can pro-rate a refund for the unused balance. As soon as your loved one leaves Canada, you would email a digital copy of their flight itinerary or scan of the passport with the date stamp showing whne they left. There may be a fee charged by the insurer.

I’VE PURCHASED SUPER VISA INSURANCE, CAN I CHANGE THE DEDUCTIBLE? Generally speaking, as long as the effective date of the policy has not yet occurred, we can make changes to the policy of any sort including face amounts, duration, or deductible.

MY SUPER VISA INSURANCE IS ABOUT TO EXPIRE, WHAT DO I DO? Notify us before the old policy expires, and we will extend your policy for the duration of your stay.

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