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Comparing Medical Flight Services

MedjetAssist is a membership program, not a health insurance plan or travel insurance plan. As a membership program, it offers more and better services...and better value. Unlike the competition, MedjetAssist arranges medical flight and medical repatriation services for its members, both worldwide and domestically. Our members choose if they want to continue their hospital care at their home hospital, or any other hospital of their choice in their home country, through our network of authorized affiliates. And there are no additional costs to worry about and no limits on total air-medical transport expenses.

No Medical Necessity

MedjetAssist members are transferred without regard to medical necessity. This means members, as long as they are hospitalized as an inpatient, can choose to be transferred to another hospital in their home country, even if the facility they are in is considered adequate. The choice is theirs. It`s that simple! In contrast, health and travel insurance plans and platinum card benefits require that a transfer be medically required. In other words, as long as the care at a hospital is deemed adequate, transferring to another hospital is not an option.

Home Hospital

MedjetAssist arranges medical transport and medical repatriation services to the member`s home hospital or hospital of their choice in their home country. The competition generally restricts transports to the nearest hospital that provides 'appropriate care.' This means individuals are taken to a hospital the shortest distance away that has adequate care, but not necessarily the best care.

MedjetAssist members, if hospitalized, do not have to worry about being transferred to a nearby hospital in a foreign country that has only adequate medical care. Members choose if they want to fly home to their local hospital or hospital of their choice in their home country to receive the very best care and to be near their family.

No Cost Limits

MedjetAssist has no limit on the cost of a medical transfer. Many companies and insurance plans place caps, some as low as $25,000, on the total amount available for an air-ambulance. But a medical transfer between Europe and America can run more than $70,000. Middle East and South American flights range from $60,000 to $100,000. Transfer from Asia often exceeds $130,000.

Domestic Transfers

Only MedjetAssist arranges medical flight services within the United States as well as abroad. Travel insurance plans and platinum card benefits only cover travel in other countries. If a MedjetAssist member becomes ill or injured and is hospitalized while traveling 150 miles or more from their primary residence as listed on their membership in the U.S. or abroad, MedjetAssist will arrange transfer to the member`s home hospital, or the hospital of their choice in their home country. If a MedjetAssist Elite or Plus member is hospitalized in their hometown hospital and requires the services that only a specialty hospital (center of excellence) can provide, MedjetAssist will arrange medical transfer for that member to the specialty hospital in their home country, provided it is more than 150 miles from the member`s home hospital.

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Will the assistance provider arrange transfer for its members regardless of medical necessity?
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