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Non-Canadians travelling or working in Canada - Protect yourself with Canadian Medical Insurance. Ensure your trip does not get spoiled! We now offer plans for up to TWO YEARS DURATION. Please use our Free Quotation Calculator for Options... SRMRM for up to 732 days, Travelance for up to 540 days, all other carriers for up to 365 days (Can be extended for up to two years).

Visiting Canada: International Experience Canada (IEC) Formerly Youth Mobility Program or Working in Canada Program

International Experience Canada is a travel and work abroad initiative of Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada

Created to facilitate travel and work abroad for both Canadian citizens interested in going abroad and non-Canadians interested in coming to Canada, International Experience Canada negotiates bilateral reciprocal arrangements and agreements with countries around the world to offer travel authorization and temporary work permits for up to one year.

Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada`s role in your travel and work abroad experience is to provide you with timely information on what you need to know before planning your adventure. Whether you choose a:

We offer IEC Travel Insurance that can make your dream of travelling and working abroad a reality! Maybe you want a working holiday in Canada? International Experience Canada (IEC) gives you the information and resources you need to travel and work in Canada for up to two years. If you are looking for information on the Super Visa for Parents and Grandparents Program, please click here.

You’ve always dreamed of spending a year living and working in Canada. Do you want to work at a ski resort in Banff, a restaurant in Vancouver... gain valuable work experience in the financial district of Toronto... or do an internship in French in Quebec City?

International Experience Canada (IEC) manages Canada’s youth mobility arrangements and agreements with different countries around the world. These arrangements and agreements make it easier for you to obtain a work permit to travel and work in Canada for up to one year. Please note that if you participate in this program, there is a requirement for you to carry mandatory medical insurance. Get details on IEC travel insurance alternatives here.

Work permits under IEC are available to young people aged 18-35* who are from one of the countries that have a bilateral reciprocal youth mobility arrangement or agreement with Canada. Consult the list below for participating countries to see if your country of origin has al youth mobility arrangement or agreement with Canada. Click on the name of your country to be redirected to the corresponding Embassy of Canada website for specifics for that country.

Can’t find your country in the list? Connect with one of these recognized organizations for other travel and work opportunities in Canada. Have questions about the IEC Program? Click Here.

Over the age of 35?* Contact Citizenship and Immigration Canada for information on other work permit options.

Country Territory Working Holiday Young Professionals International Coop
Australia Yes Yes Yes
Austria No Yes No
Belgium Yes No No
Chile Yes Yes Yes
Costa Rica Yes Yes Yes
Croatia Yes Yes Yes
Czech Republic Yes Yes Yes
Denmark Yes No No
Estonia Yes Yes Yes
France Yes Yes Yes
Germany Yes Yes Yes
Hong Kong Yes No No
Ireland Yes No No
Italy Yes No No
Japan Yes No No
Korea, Rep. Yes No No
Latvia Yes Yes Yes
Lithuania Yes Yes Yes
Mexico Yes Yes Yes
Netherlands Yes Yes No
New Zealand Yes No No
Norway Yes Yes Yes
Poland Yes Yes Yes
Slovakia Yes Yes Yes
Slovenia Yes Yes Yes
Spain Yes Yes Yes
Sweden Yes Yes Yes
Switzerland No Yes Yes
Taiwan Yes Yes Yes
Ukraine Yes Yes Yes
United Kingdom Yes No No

Are you a Canadian citizen looking to travel and work abroad for up to one year? Find out more about

international travel and work abroad options for Canadian citizens. * In some countries the age limit is 18-29, or 30 Please note: You MUST CARRY VISITORS TO CANADA INSURANCE to participate under this program, quotations are available here.

Visa holders: Make sure you’re covered by IEC travel insurance

Foreigners who want to travel to Canada to work, play or study and who are from 18-35 years old have a program that helps them do just that. It’s called International Experience Canada. This program is part of the Canadian Experience Class Visa category and has been formerly called Youth Mobility Program, and Canadian Working Holiday Program.

While in Canada, these visa holders are obligated to purchase IEC travel insurance because while they are travelling in Canada they are not covered by the Canadian health care system.

One of the leading providers of IEC travel insurance in Canada is This dynamic insurance company offers products from several of the biggest insurance companies in the world. They can help their clients with insurance of every description. Besides IEC travel insurance, they offer a range of life insurance options that include term insurance and whole life insurance (which not only covers the life of the policy holder, but also offers the benefits of a sound investment as it increases in value over time).

In addition to its super visa insurance and its IEC travel insurance, our parent company DesLaurier Financial Services offers critical illness insurance, disability insurance, and long-term care insurance. The company caters to individuals who are looking for peace of mind for them and their families, and to business owners who are looking for an employee benefits package.

When someone is visiting Canada on an IEC visa, they must hold medical insurance for the duration of their stay in Canada. This IEC travel insurance must cover them for hospitalization, health care, and repatriation (if necessary). The policy must also cover them wherever they go while in Canada.

The IEC program covers adults between the ages of 18 and 35. When families of citizens or permanent residents wish to visit their loved ones in Canada, they also require insurance for the duration of their stay. In this case, however, we’re talking about Super Visa insurance rather than IEC travel insurance. Under the Super Visa, the visitor can stay in Canada for up to two years without having to apply to renew their visa. And this type of visa can be obtained much more quickly that under the old system. What used to take up to eight years can now be approved in about eight weeks. is a company that really understands risk management.Their IEC travel insurance is just one example of how they protect their clients and give them peace of mind. Clients of know that they can purchase insurance protection that will take care of them in a variety of situations.

IEC Travel Insurance may also be know by its previous names Youth Mobility Insurance, or Working Holiday Insurance, so if it is Youth Mobility Insurance or Working Holiday Insurance that you are looking for, rest assured that IEC Travel Insurance is the same thing.

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