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DesLaurier Financial Services Inc. / is pleased to announce a new National Partnership Program with CAPIC- Canadian Association of Professional Immigration Consultants - ACCPI - L`AssociationCanadienne des ConseillersProfessionnels en Immigration (CAPIC-ACCPI). Under the terms of the agreement, the following Member Benefits are now included in the benefits of your membership in CAPIC-ACCPI.

1.For you and your staff:

a.Discounted Home and Auto Rates – specially negotiated rates are designed to save you money. Quotes are free, without obligation, and available in every Canadian Province. We are also offering a $50,000 Pick Your Prize Contest as an introduction to the program and Air Miles on your purchase! Further details are available Here

b. Employee Benefits – Cost-effective plans to look after the needs of you and your staff are available from our many suppliers. We offer both insured and non-insured plans, so you can choose from the best options currently available in the Canadian marketplace. For a free, no-obligation quote please go here.

c.Individual Insurance– We have contracts with close to 30 top insurers in Canada. No case is too tough even if you have been previously rated or declined, we can help. Policies include: Life, disability, long-term care, and critical illness insurance. RRSP, RESP, and other investment opportunities.

2.For your Clientele:

d.Super Visa Insurance – We offer coverage from all major Insurers in Canada including proprietary solutions not offered elsewhere, ensuring your clients always have the best coverage at the lowest cost in Canada. Securing the coverage is made easy through customized Affiliate Links specifically for you and your clients accessing our Full-service Licensed Agents, Live Chat, Toll-Free and Local Telephone numbers located throughout Canada.

e.Bridge Benefits – For those arriving in Canada without Provincial Healthcare, we offer solutions for the waiting period applicable to most Provinces.

f.Snowbirds / Other TravelersIndustry-leading solutions are also offered for yourself, staff or clients who may be traveling out of province requiring coverage. We offer access to specialized products not generally available including Medical Evacuation and Travel Policies which cover UNSTABLE pre-existing conditions.

For more information on the program, to obtain quotes, or to assist your clients, you can contact us through the following means:

1.Telephone – 1-855-933-7462 (North America Toll-Free) or local numbers in most Major Canadian Cities.


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