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Other Plans

The following information provides a brief summary of the optional travel insurance plans offered by our Travel Insurance Partners. For assistance in choosing the options that complement your travel plans and for coverage amounts, please contact us directly.

Multi-trip Plans

Choose from 8, 15, 35, 60 or 105 day Multi-trip Basic or Select Plans for convenient coverage on as many trips as you want during a one-year period. With this plan, there`s no need to buy insurance every time you travel outside your home province or worry about having to buy coverage for a last minute business trip or a weekend getaway.

Includes Emergency Hospital & Medical coverage plus a choice of Flight Accident coverage only or Flight Accident plus Trip Cancellation & Interruption insurance, combined for a great rate.

Trip Interruption

Once you have started your trip, unlimited Trip Interruption insurance provides coverage for one-way transportation home in the event of an unexpected, insured event.

Flight Accident

Flight accident covers loss of life, limb, or sight, or disappearance resulting from an aircraft accident.

This plan also covers you on airport property and while travelling to or from the airport in a vehicle operated by the airline or airport. It covers all flights ticketed and arranged before you leave and applies to multi-engine, regularly-scheduled flights.

Accidental Death & Dismemberment

Choose this option for coverage for accidental loss of life, limb or sight, or disappearance during your trip other than while flying.

Rental Car Collision Damage Protection

Rental Car Collision Damage Protection insurance provides coverage for physical damage to, or loss of, an automobile rented from a commercial rental agency anywhere in the world. To purchase this coverage you must have a valid Canadian driver`s license. Other conditions apply.

Trip Cancellation & Interruption

If your trip is cancelled, interrupted or delayed for a specific reason listed in the policy, such as an unexpected event or an injury to you, a family member, or travelling companion, we will reimburse you for the non-refundable amount.


Purchase this coverage for the duration of your trip to replace lost, stolen or damaged belongings, including:

  • Baggage
  • Injury of Accompanying Cat or Dog
  • Personal belongings
  • Personal currency
  • Travel documents
  • Wheelchair

All-inclusive Package Plans

All-inclusive Package Plans combine Emergency Hospital & Medical insurance for Canadians or Visitors to Canada with Trip Cancellation & Interruption coverage. Because you buy these plans as a combination, you get a great price on great coverage, both before and during your trip. 

This plan also provides coverage for delayed baggage, cancellation by the tour operator (for any reason other than default), accidental death and dismemberment, flight accident, and lost or damaged baggage and personal effects. Default of travel supplier is also covered, subject to some exclusions.

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