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Medical Expenses can be costly. Make sure that unpleasant surprises don`t spoil your trip

Visitors to Canada Insurance offers emergency medical coverage and more. This insurance is what is required for the Government of Canada`s PG-1 Super Visa Program for Parents and Grandparents - commonly called Super Visa Insurance (Super Visa Insurance is Visitors to Canada Insurance with certain minimums - please see our Super Visa Insurance pages for more details). If you or someone you know is coming to Canada and would like to purchase travel insurance, then Visitors to Canada Plans provide protection and peace of mind for Canadian visitors.

What is visitors to Canada travel insurance, and why is it important?

When you travel to Canada, you want to ensure you are protected with travel insurance that is adequate for your needs if you are injured, become ill, or experience a medical emergency during your visit. Even in Canada, emergency medical expenses can be very costly. This plan provides coverage for visitors to Canada for emergency medical expenses incurred in Canada or during a side trip outside of Canada, provided the side trip begins and ends in Canada. This coverage is so important that the Government of Canada requires it (Super Visa Insurance) as one of the conditions for entry into Canada under their recently announced Super Visa for Parents and Grandparents Program. This insurance is also a mandatory requirement for IEC Travel, otherwise known as Youth Mobility, or Working in Canada. Although IEC Travel Insurance is not required from a Canadian Travel Insurance Company, please read on for an explanation as to why you might like Canadian Travel Insurance, instead of that from your home country.

Why should I buy Insurance from a Canadian Insurance Company instead of from a company in my own country?

When you require medical in a country other than your own you will usually find that even if you have insurance, you will still be required to pay for your care PRIOR TO TREATMENT, as Hospitals and other medical facilities do not consider themselves to be in the business of bill-collecting. The effort required for them to track down the proper department, in the proper company, in a foreign country (with associated long distance and other costs), and likely in a language they do not understand is seen as a significant distraction from their job as a healthcare provider. As such, if you can not pay for your treatment at the time the care is requirement, you may be refused treatment.

Super Visa Insurance Available Here

International Experience Canada (Youth Mobility) Insurance Available Here

Emergency Medical Insurance for Visitors to Canada is ideal for:

  • Visitors to Canada
  • Canadians who are not eligible for benefits under a government insurance plan
  • Persons who are in Canada on an International Experience Canada (Youth Mobility) Super Visa, Work Visa, or other Visa
  • New immigrants who are awaiting government health insurance plan coverage

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