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The Best `Monthly Pay Option` for your Super Visa Insurance Purchase in CANADA.

For your convenience, now offers MONTHLY PAYMENT options!

If you are applying for a Canadian PG-1 `Super Visa` Insurance Policy for your family who would like to come for a visit, having to pay the entire premium upfront can create a hardship. Acceptus Insurance Inc. wants to make that process easier for you so you can begin your plan immediately! Things happen in life that limit how much cash we have to purchase things. When an emergency or urgent situation comes up that draw down or limit our available funds, wouldn`t it be nice to have some options to do the things that are helping our parents and/or grandparents come for a visit!

Acceptus Insurance Inc. nowprovides a monthly payment alternative along with it`s traditional fully paid upfront option. Super Visa insurance for parents and grandparents desiring to come visit family in Canada is finally much easier to access. Connect with our very helpful team on our 24/7 live chat or call us direct at 1.855.933.7462 or email us we would love to help you.

Monthly Premiums for your Super Visa health insurance purchase from Acceptus Insurance Inc. are financed through Acceptus Finance Ltd. and additional charges are added to the policy`s base cost for this convenience, including a non-refundable Administration fee ($50) to set up the program, and a surcharge to the base policy.

How it works: You will be charged immediately for the cost of your first instalment, plus a $50 Administration Fee (non-refundable). Should your Effective Date be 45 days or less from the date of Purchase, then the first two instalment payments will be taken at that time, plus the Administration Fee. The Administration Fee is necessary to set up the Monthly Payment Program, and is non-refundable, even in the event of a visa decline. Missed payments will be attempted three days after a default. If you default twice in a row, then you risk cancellation of your Travel Insurance Policy.

Refunds: Standard Cancellation Fees apply, including If you are applying for a Canadian PG-1 `Super Visa` Insurance policy, and that application is denied, then a full refund of all charges, less the Admin Fee ($50 CAN ) will be made. In the event of an `Early Return`, provided there have been no claims made or attempted, then monthly payments will be stopped, and if there has been any overpayment of premiums at that time, then those premiums will be refunded for any number of whole months overpayment. These changes must be requested prior to the Effective Date for a Full Refund, and before the Expiration Date for a Partial Refund. The changes requested will be as of the date notification is received by Acceptus Head Office.

Conditions: By Accepting these Terms and Conditions you agree to make all payments when due, until the end of the finance term. Should you suffer a claim, you understand that the remainder of the payments due are not relieved in that circumstance. If the remaining payments are not paid, you agree to allow an assignment of proceeds against any claim payments from the Insurer.

21st Century also offers their supervisa insurance policies on either a fully paid upfront option, or as an alternative, a monthly pay basis. This is the only other product on the market which offers the ability to buy a supervisa insurance policy on a `monthly basis`.

The way it works with 21st Century is that you pay the first two months of premium upfront, plus a $50 policy fee. On the policy Effective Date (should be the date of arrival into Canada), you commence monthly payments every 30 days for another 10 months. This is a less expensive way to obtain a supervisa insurance policy (although the long term cost may be slightly higher - please see our quotation calculator for rate comparisons).

Should the visa request be denied, you would be reimbursed the first two months of premiums, but the company retains the policy fee. Please note that products from 21st Century are NOT available instantly, online. You must contact our office to purchase this product at

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