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N.A.T.O. stands for North American Transport Option.

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The NATO service provides additional services for a member living more than 181 days (6 cumulative months) in any twelve (12) consecutive membership months in Mexico or the Caribbean.

  • A Member suffering a CRITICAL INJURY OR ILLNESS will be transported by fixed-wing air ambulance, medical helicopter or, if the Member is not able to safely fly, ground ambulance to his or her U.S. or CANADIAN HOME.
  • For a Vehicle Return, SkyMed will pay the airfare for two (2) persons (instead of only one (1)) designated by the Member to fly to an airport near the location of a stranded vehicle(s).

The SkyMed NATO membership is perfect for U.S. and Canadian expatriates and those who own homes in Mexico, the Caribbean, Costa Rica or Belize.  Click here to read the Member Services Agreement.

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