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Whether you are a full-time Canadian student studying out-of-province or in another country, or an international student studying in Canada, it`s wise to ensure you have the financial protection against unexpected medical expenses that International Student Travel insurance provides. Student Travel Insurance offers:

  • Up to $2 million in coverage for emergency medical and non-medical coverage for covered risks
  • Available to both Canadian students studying abroad (or out of province), and International students studying within Canada.

Inbound Students - Those coming to Canada to pursue their Education

For those students coming to Canada and attending a recognized Educational Institution, taking care of the coverage you need is now as easy as ever. Instead of just selling you an ordinary Visitor to Canada policy, we have specialized plans that offer increased coverage and lower rates than comparable policies. Please use our Quotation Calculator to see what we can offer you from our excellent providers. Please compare our offerings to those that your School might have already in place and we are confident that you will see our coverage and rates can not be beat. Should you be considering obtaining your coverage from an Insurer in your Home Country, you should know that using a Canadian Insurer means much easier claims handling, and direct billing of expenses. Do you have the resources to pay for your care out-of-pocket then wait for excessive amounts of time to be reimbursed?

Outbound Students - For those going abroad for their education

Protect your finances and your ability to continue your education if an unfortunate medical situation pops up! Having the proper Insurance may mean the difference between the best experience in your life, or one of the worst. You dont want to be stuck away from home if you happen to suffer from an unfortunate accident or illness and have no coverage. This coverage can be yours for surprisingly low cost.

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