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21st Century Travel Insurance Limited offers plans for both Canadian Residents, and Visitors to Canada. These plans are NOT available for online purchase. Please contact our office for assistance. 

For Canadian Residents two product lines are available - "Medicare International" and "Saveway". "Medicare International" is a "traditional" product offering $5,000,000 of coverage and underwritten by Manulife. "Save away" offers limited coverage for those on a budget - Option 1 has $50,000 of coverage with a $0 deductible, and Option 2 offers $200,000 of coverage with a $500 deductible. These two options have the same daily rates.

21st Century`s Visitor to Canada Policy is underwritten by Manulife Insurance. The most important differentiator between them and their competition is the ability to purchase a supervisa policy with an ability to pay for it in instalments. More information can be found here.

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